Best Laptops under Rs 40000 in India in 2017 to buy today – Best laptops buying guide

For many, the holidays are over and it ‘s back to the daily routine, a moment that sometimes took the opportunity to renew a large part of our gadgets and equipment in the broadest sense, from smartphones to computers. So we are going to list the buying guide for Best Laptops under Rs 60,000 also we would provide you a list of Best Laptops under Rs 60000.

Not a long ago a friend asked me for help choosing a laptop to play, precisely because he was in this situation, I had saved money and wanted to buy one but was lost, there was nothing clear which to choose, in fact not even know where to start, since many models with different components look very similar prices but found it extremely confusing.

Unfortunately, choose a gaming laptop is very complicated as we found a number of elements that force to have a good knowledge base and to be completely up to date in almost everything that is coming out because otherwise we risk End up making a bad buy.

Best Laptops under Rs 60000 in India in 2017 to buy today - Best laptops buying guide

All this has led us to publish this guide in which we will give the most important information that you should consider so that you can correctly choose the laptop to play that best fits your needs and your budget and avoid passing, that I Can deceive.

Below is our Best Laptops under Rs 60000 laptops list

Previous considerations

We must be clear that a gaming laptop really is not like a, since generally conventional notebook, depending on the manufacturer and price range by which we choose, have clearly differentiating elements among which cooling systems are more Powerful and effective, as well as superior build quality to withstand long gaming sessions.

On the other hand the price of these equipment is usually much higher than that of the models for general use, and also higher than it would cost us to mount a desktop of similar power, so before launching ourselves to buy one it is important to meditate thoroughly whether we really need a portable gaming system and why not suffice we choose a PC to play.

Mobility is another aspect that we must be willing to sacrifice these teams, since having more powerful components its autonomy is very low when they are at full capacity and are much less efficient than other laptops like ultrabooks, for example.

Finally, it is vital to understand that to play “real” on a laptop with a similar level that would enjoy a desktop must be willing to spend a minimum which is usually around 60000 rs. , approximately, and the equipment we buy for that price Will be much less powerful to the equivalent of the desktop that we could acquire with that budget.

Processor: The heart of the team

On laptops to play Intel has a clear domain, unfortunately for the consumer, so we will focus for obvious reasons in the solutions of this manufacturer.

Generation of the processor:

We can now find Haswell – based processors, they are number 4000, and Broadwell, and by the numbering 5000.

The difference between them is essentially limited to the manufacturing process since the first comes in 22nm and the second in 14nm, but this detail does not have a real impact, since the majority of models that interest us, the High performance, have an identical TDP in almost all versions.

By this, we mean that you should not obsession’s to spend more money to get a computer with a Core 5000 series since one with a Core processor 4000 series is today perfect to play.

Processor range:

Since our goal is to play only we are going to focus on the higher models, that is, the Core i5 and Core i7, since they are the ones we use in this type of laptops.

  • Core i5: Unlike desktop models has two cores and four threads, not four real cores. This implies that they can divide a load of those four threads between their two cores, something that generally offers good results but that penalizes in games that really take advantage of more than two cores. They integrate Turbo Boost technology that increases the working frequency when necessary.
  • Core i7:  They have four real cores and eight threads, as its standard desktop variants. They are more advisable, since when used with games that can properly take advantage of their potential they make a clear difference, especially at the level of minimum SPF and general stability, and have also guaranteed a better “aging”. They also feature Turbo Boost technology that increases the working frequencies and can even turn off cores that are not used, further increasing the speed of nuclei remaining assets, so that even those games that only use two cores will benefit greatly Measured by the presence of Core i7.
  • Core i7 extreme range:  they are versions that maintain the specifications of the above, but they come at higher frequencies.

We discard solutions saving, identified with the letter “U”, and they sacrifice power in order to increase the autonomy (the Core i7 series U for example only have 2 cores and four threads).

Graphics card

An essential component because it depends on the resolution and graphics quality to which we can play, and the life of the equipment and its price.

We should note that its performance does not match the desktop offering those with whom they share the name, and usually always be lower. As an example, we can mention the GTX 960M, which does not render like a GTX 960, but rather as a GTX 750 Ti.

To make things easier to understand we leave a summary based models that we can find grouped in three broad ranges, rated must understand in the context of solutions to play.

  • Advisable to play 1080p Minimum: The GTX 850M-2GB GTX 950M are minimum configuration to play. The second is a renowned of the first and both have a performance lower than the GTX 750 Ti, but we can compare with them to put them better. Always look for those machines that mount them with GDDR5 memory avoiding the versions with DDR3, and keep in mind that the GTX 860M and GTX 960M are identical to the GTX 850M and GTX 950M, only the working frequencies change.
  • Optimal level to play in 1080: The GTX 965m is our goal.  The 4 GB models of GDDR5 do not represent a real performance improvement over the 2 GB models.
  • High performance in 1080 without excesses: If we want to play in Full HD with ultra quality without choking us virtually any game the GTX 970M is the best choice for the money. Yes, the GTX 980M is more powerful, but it increases the price of the equipment very much and it does not compensate.

You must not forget that the most expensive does not have to be the best, and when we overcome the barrier of graphics cards medium-high range ratio performance per euro spent down to nothing recommended levels in most cases.


We can play with guarantees if you have 4 GB of RAM in most cases, but it is best to choose equipment to mount 8 GB of RAM, since there is differences in some current games, like Battlefield Hardline for example, And the trend towards a higher consumption of RAM in upcoming games is clear.

Overcoming the recommendation of 8 GB of RAM and buy equipment with 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM is not a good idea, as more RAM does not imply higher performance from this figure, but urges the overall cost of the equipment, so It is good to spend that extra money on a computer with a better graphics card.


To this, we must unite that in any case, we will always be in time to change the HDD by an SSD quickly and easily.As an intermediate option, we have the equipment that builds a hybrid HDD with a certain amount of flash memory acting as a cache. They are not the panacea, so we should only take them into account when they do not increase the price absurdly.

Practical examples

Usually, a portable gaming available will consist of a Core i5, a GTX GTX 850M-950M 2GB GDDR5, 8 GB of RAM and a mechanical HDD 1TB 5,400 RPM. Its price should be approximately 60000 rs.

With a team of these features we could play almost everything that exists today in the market at 1080p and medium or high quality , ultra even in very specific cases. In GTA V we could play that resolution and high quality at an average of 29 FPS.

With him, we could play almost all current games in 1080p and high quality, and ultra quality in many of them. Following with the previous example, GTA V would run in this equipment to 55 FPS of average in Full HD and high quality.

Finally the teams the same previous GTX 970M basis but usually hover around 100000 Rs. . In GTA V at 1080p and high quality, they get averages of 70 FPS.

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