The best offline games Android that do not need Wi-Fi

Although many Android games require an Internet connection, you will find many great games that don’t. In situations where you find that you have no connection, you will need free, fun games with lots of content, Here are our best picks of the best offline Android games in all major genres.

1. Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

At first glance, this looks like another endless runner. But play Odyssey Alto for a while, and you will realize that there is something in it that makes suppression impossible.

Perhaps this is the graphics and music. Infinite runners are usually insane, but this game counteracts the tendency to make it a calming and soothing experience. You will feel relaxed, going down the sand dunes, jumping to score points, avoid obstacles, and roll back and double back to get stylish bonuses.

Alto’s Odyssey does not bring anything new to the world of runners, but, nevertheless, it is very fascinating.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey for Android (Free)

2. Chess: Really Bad Chess

Forget the classic version of chess you are used to. When you’re offline, run Really Bad Chess and force yourself to think differently.

In this game, although the chess board remains standard, the pieces are completely random. You can start with three queens and one pawn, while there can be six rooks on the computer. It makes you give up everything you know about chess and think outside the box.

As you increase your rating, the level of AI remains the same, but it gets the best figures to begin with. This can be my favorite non-chess chess game.

Download: Really Bad Chess for Android (Free)

3. Puzzle: Mazes & More

It is difficult to solve the maze because of its simplicity. Mazes & More raises the stakes on the classic game with some tricky turns.

For example, in Darkness mode, you can see a maze at the beginning. But then everything turns dark except for a small spotlight on you, and you have to make your way to the exit. Try other modes, such as the ice floor, where you end up sliding forward, where you want to go, or self-explanatory time and trap mode.

If you need a simple old maze game, there is always a classic mode. Each mode has many levels for you to have fun until your connection returns.

4. Platform: Once Upon A Tower

Once Upon A Tower turns many game elements upside down. Instead of a prince rescuing a princess from the tower, the prince is dead, and the princess kicks with a sledgehammer to run away from the dragon. And instead of climbing the tower, she is digging.

Along the way she will have to fight with all sorts of monsters, from ogres to spiders that can climb walls. Then there are traps that spring up from nowhere. If this was not enough, she needs to act quickly, otherwise the dragon will destroy everything with his fiery breath. Do not forget about another enemy: gravity itself.

Collect coins and bonuses whenever you can; You will need them to complete the levels and leave the tower. “Once upon a tower” is a lot of fun and seemingly endless.

Download: Once Upon A Tower for Android (Free)

5. Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast

offline android game jungle marble blast

Unfortunately, the classic Zuma does not work without an internet connection, but some of its many fakes work. Among them, I liked the Jungle Marble Blast the most.

The graphics are not so smooth, but this is not a significant complaint. The gameplay is as fun as before. Click anywhere on the screen to shoot; Click on the beetle to exchange between the two colored spheres that you have. Shoot spheres in a chain running around the map to create sequences of three or more.

And when this is possible, make these bonuses send the chain back, turn a large piece into one color, or blow them into oblivion.

Jungle Marble Blast fits into the group of the best offline games for Android perfectly. It is small, long and free.

Download: Jungle Marble Blast for Android (Free)


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