The ten must have apps for your new Apple Watch

Apple Watch is awesome right out of the box, but you’ll want to add a few apps to really sing. Wearable Apple is a real miracle, especially the Series 4, but you will never know how useful it can be if you do not expand your horizons a bit.

When we think about Apple Watch applications, without which we simply cannot live, they are at the top of the list. Some are free, some are not, but everyone is worth your time.


autosleep app for Apple Watch

If Apple Watch lacks one important feature, this is automatic sleep tracking. Fortunately, it’s not so hard to add with applications like AutoSleep or Pillow. Of these two, we think that the new, simpler interface AutoSleep gives him an advantage over Pillow.

The pillow is a bit more full-featured (it can perform some sleep tracking functions using only your phone), but you need to buy an in-game purchase for $ 4.99 to actually use it. If all you care about is using your watch to track your sleep, AutoSleep is a cheaper option and provides you with data that is easier to analyze.

In any application, you will need to tweak and calibrate a little to get good results, but it’s worth it. Just charge the clock in the evening and put it on to sleep – the battery will probably work until the end of the next day.

Autospeed ($ 2.99)

Carrot Weather

carrot weather app for apple watch

There are many good weather apps, many of which support Apple Watch, but Carrot Weather can be our favorite. It combines an excellent weather forecast (with data from Weather Underground or Dark Sky), many settings, augmented reality mode, and even achievements. The ominous evil voice of the robot helps to make the weather fun.

Apple Watch support is especially reliable, with several complications available and the ability to customize them in the app. Carrot Weather was one of the first third-party applications that used the new angular complexity in the Apple Watch Series 4, and it also gives you a map on the Siri dial.

The only drawback is that the application costs $ 4.99, and then for certain functions you subscribe to membership in the Premium Club for $ 0.49 per month or $ 3.99 per year. The cost is to cover the increased use of the API of its data sources for features such as precipitation warnings.

Carrot Weather ($ 4.99, in-app purchases)


shazam for apple watch

Shazam is the number one name in music identification. I mean, this is so connected with the ability to “name this melody”, that even with Jamie Fox there is a game show.

Apple bought Shazam in September and did nothing but remove the ad from the app, which only makes it better. We believe that the company has big plans for Shazam technology, but at the same time it is a great app for your Apple Watch. Just click on this Shazam service, and the application will immediately load and start listening. You can use the iPhone app to view the history of found songs and add them to Apple Music or Spotify.

Being able to recognize songs on your wrist makes it much more useful than just pulling out the phone.

Shazam (free)

PCalc Lite

pc calc for apple watch

It is almost strange that Apple Watch does not have a built-in calculator application. Your iPhone has one, and the calculator watch was a kind of first smartwatch.

PCalc is our favorite iOS app with a calculator, and it comes with an excellent Apple Watch app. It costs $ 10, but if all you need is to add a simple calculator to your wrist, we offer free PCalc Lite. Advanced features and settings of the paid version mainly benefit iPhone and iPad users.

PCalc Lite (free in-app purchases)

the Score

the score apple watch

If you’re a sports fan, Apple Watch is a great device to keep up with the latest news and results. And theScore app is our favorite way to do this. Absolutely free and fully customizable application will keep you updated with news and results for all your favorite teams, be they professionals or amateurs.

You can see in-game actions, games and, of course, receive updates as the game progresses, as well as view upcoming games right on your wrist. if you can not be in front of the TV, this is the next best thing.

theScore (free)


things apple watch

Things are one of the best task managers, and it’s easy to see why. It is attractive, simple, intuitive and easy to use. He does what any good task manager should do: it makes it easy to write down a new task, clarify what you have to do today, and this does not prevent you from doing so the rest of the time. This is the winner of the Apple Design Award, and it shows.

Things on the Apple Watch are great. Quickly add a to-do item for later organization on your iPhone. Look at today’s tasks, mark the elements as you do them, or set them aside for later with just a few taps. It supports the Siri dial, which is an ideal place for daily task reminders.

Things are not cheap. Priced at $ 9.99, this is one of the most expensive applications for the iPhone of its kind. But a really good task manager will save you time and help you do more without feeling frustrated and depressed. It costs a couple of cups of coffee.

Things 3 ($ 9.99)

Just Press Record

jpr apple watch

This is an application where you press a button, and it starts recording, press it again, and it stops. And for that you pay $ 4.99?

Yes, yes, because Just Press Record is awesome. It is light, fast, reliable and powerful. It transcribes speech into text in more than 30 languages. It syncs with iCloud. You can record super high quality from external microphones.

And Apple Watch makes it even better. Click on his complication, and he immediately starts and starts recording, so you never miss a beat. It can record directly to the clock, even if your phone is not working (it will be synchronized later). Adjust the volume with the digital crown. Start recording with Siri. Play recordings through AirPods or the clock speaker.

You just do not understand how useful a really well-done one-touch recording function is until you get it.

Just hit Record ($ 4.99)

City mapper

city mapper apple watch

Citymapper is an amazing application for transit passengers. He gives you time on the bus and subway, warns you about service failures, helps you plan trips and much more. It works by collecting public data streams from dozens of city transport agencies. He won all kinds of awards in the nomination “Application of the Year” and for good reason.

On Apple Watch it is even better. Looking at the wrist, you can see where to go next, which bus or train to go to and when it arrives. It may be difficult to mess with your phone on a busy public transport, but a look at your wrist can show you where you should get off.

The disadvantage of Citymapper is that, since it relies on public transport data, it is only available in a few dozen cities. This is fine if you live or travel around a huge metropolis, but nobody needs them.

Citymapper (free)


iheartradio apple watch

Certainly, it is not necessary to download an additional application to enjoy streaming music or podcasts, although iHeart Radio does a good job with both. The real benefit of the application is its library of thousands of global FM and AM radio broadcasts, including sports stations such as ESPN Radio and Fox Sports.

Of course, iHeart Radio offers much more. There are tons of popular podcasts, artist and genre stations, and dozens of playlists. Everything is free and advertised, but you can subscribe to iHeart Radio Plus or iHeart Radio All Access for an ad-free experience with unlimited hops and the ability to save local tracks for offline playback.

iHeart Radio (free purchases within the application)

Night Sky

night sky apple watch

Night Sky is one of our favorite applications for the iPhone and iPad. If you have ever looked up and wondered “what is this star or planet?”, Then the “Night sky” is for you. This is also much more.

There are several convenient modes of AR, observation of the flight over the international space station, Siri Shortcuts … you do not need to be a fan of astronomy to fall in love with this application.

You may not think that a sky map on your watch will be useful, but you are mistaken. Simply lift your wrist to the sky and move it to quickly find and identify objects in the sky. When your watches do not work, they turn into a kind of “celestial compass” that directs you to the side of what is worth watching. It is almost like magic.

Night Sky (free in-app purchases)

Images credit by macworld.

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